It's March, 2020, and it seems like the entire planet is stuck inside. I've been in the house with my family for about a week now, and I keep oscillating between being bored out of my mind and completely overwhelmed. My anxieties are through the roof, we can't go to any stores or even public… Continue reading Under/Overstimulated


A Time Capsule for Hindsight: The Value of Voice

If I could time-travel, but only use it once to go to a different time and once to go back, I would go back to August 31st, 1994, to a couple spending the first full day with their daughter. I would bring with me printed pages from this blog, along with everything I've ever written… Continue reading A Time Capsule for Hindsight: The Value of Voice

Experience · The independent Experience

The Independent Experience: Part 1

So for the next few posts, I'm doing something a little different. Instead of covering my experiences in a general Autism-related topic, I'm going to be revisiting some old memories of mine and reflect on them from the perspective of an Autistic adult looking back on her childhood. I'm calling it the Independent Experience, because… Continue reading The Independent Experience: Part 1


“Stimulating” isn’t Always a Good Thing

This post isn't going to be about stimming or fidget cubes, that's a topic for another day. I want to talk about something that's a little less mainstream but, in my opinion, more important. Parents, friends, compatriots, I need you to understand that being overstimulated is absolute hell. Overstimulation manifests in a lot of ways… Continue reading “Stimulating” isn’t Always a Good Thing